Laser cut wooden coaster sets inspired by the infamous carpet pattern featured in The Shining.

Available in sets of two and four.
Sets of two include: One wooden coaster of each design.
Sets of four include: Two wooden coasters of each design.

Wooden Coasters

  • Approx 8cm x 9cm x 0.6cm - will easily accommodate both cups and mugs.
  • Unique design laser engraved on black birch.
  • '14Eight' branding laser engraved on reverse.
  • Sprayed both sides with a protective sealant.

Defective sets are also available at a reduced price.  These are sets that have visible minor damage or small imperfections to them.

The Shipping

These are sent from the UK and will be dispatched in a padded envelope/small sturdy box depending on order size.

Overlook Hotel Coasters

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