The Temple.
Laser engraved coaster sets inspired by Midsommar.  Available in sets of two and four.

Original artwork by me and modified from my popular t-shirt design, Sacrifice.  Foil prints of this image are also available within the store.

  • Approx 9cm diameter, 0.6cm thick.
  • Unique design laser engraved on black birch.
  • 'Dark Mark' on reverse (logo stamped with archival ink).
  • Sprayed both sides with a protective sealant.

As these are made of wood it is completely normal to find natural imperfections within the wood grain and slight colour deviations.  No two coasters will be identical.
You may also notice very slight bleed of the wood stain on some of the fine elements, again, this is normal.


Defective sets of 4 are also available at a reduced price.  These are sets that have visible minor damage or small imperfections to them.


These are sent from the UK and will be dispatched in a padded envelope/small sturdy box depending on order.

The Temple - Drink coasters