For those that like their coffee like their magic...dark!

Laser cut wooden coffee coasters (use other drinks at your own risk!).


Available in sets of 2 and 4 coasters.


  • Approx 9.5cm - will easily accommodate both cups and mugs.
  • Unique design laser engraved on black birch.
  • '14Eight' branding laser engraved on reverse.
  • Sprayed both sides with a protective sealant.


Due to the very fine details on this design and the nature of laser clashing with wood you may find a slight lack of definition most notably on the coffee beans or sugar cubes.  This is pretty common.  It is also completely normal to find natural imperfections within the wood grain or slight colour deviations.

Defective sets are also available at a reduced price.  These are sets that have visible minor damage or imperfections to them.  Most commonly, but not limited to, are small chips on the pentagram points or loss of details from the engraving.  I believe there is still some value in these but please be aware you will not be getting picture perfect sets.


Dark Roast Coasters

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