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Moon Bat - Enamel pin badge.

10% from each sale will be donated to The Bat Conservation Trust -


Pin Grading.
Regular priced pins may still have minor imperfections.  Pin making on the whole is a manual process and perfect pins are rare.  I sell my pins primarily to be worn and enjoyed, these are not sold as collector pieces with a hefty price tag attached.
Grade B pins will have more notable imperfections but nothing extreme.  This may include under/over fill of enamel, small scratches, stray specks or a little build up of clear epoxy.  These are still good pins but at a lower cost and popular for adding to jackets or bags that get a lot of wear.  Any issues with my grading you're welcome to get in touch following receipt.


The Badge

  • 3.8 x 4.2cm.
  • Soft enamel with epoxy coating.
  • 2 x Rubber clutch as standard.
  • 14Eight stamp on reverse.
  • Bagged & boarded.
  • Matching sticker with each badge.

Additional secure locking backs are also available.

Shipped from the UK.

Moon Bat - Pin Badge

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