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Each woodcut has been hand painted, assembled, varnished and given a resin dome over the eyes.  Triangle d-rings are also attached so each piece is ready to hang.  Clour variations available, with my logo laser engraved on reverse.

Creating these is a very manual process so there may be minor differences when comparing the photos, to the woodcut that you receive.  These could be ever so slight colour shifts, line work or very minor frosting in the epoxy eyeballs - all of which add to the handmade effect and make each one unique!  This should be expected with anything made by hand, but just to act as a reminder.
Because of the process and time these take they will also be made in very small batches and won't be as readily available as most of my other woodcuts.

Due to the value of these they will be sent using tracked shipping by default.  While this may make international orders a little higher, the postage cost is fixed, allowing you to add extra items without the cost of postage increasing.


The Woodcut

  • Size - 12.5cm x 14.3cm.
  • Hand painted and assembled.
  • Resin domed eyes.
  • D-ring on reverse, ready to hang.
  • '14Eight' branding laser engraved on reverse.

The Shipping

These are sent from the UK and will be dispatched in small sturdy box.
Tracked shipping only.

Night Bite - Woodcut

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