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Party All Night - Laser engraved bat wooden wall hanging.


The woodcuts are reasonably light and can easily be attached to flat walls with any number of adhesive options or even box framed.  3M adhesive dual lock is my preference but is not suitable for all wall types, especially if wallpapered.  A small d-ring screw will be included loose as a quick hanging option - while I have had no issues these are to be attached with caution and I cannot be liable for any damage to the piece if used.


As the designs are made from wood it is completely normal to find natural imperfections. These vary from piece to piece but it's not uncommon to find colour shifts, small deviations in the wood grain or minor knots. This adds to the character and makes every piece unique.

The Woodcut

  • Size - W 9.5cm x H 15cm x D 0.6cm.
  • Unique design laser engraved on black birch.
  • Logo etched on reverse.




These can have defects such as small markings, minor chips or some heavier grain discolouration .  The quality of the seconds is still good so they're a solid option if you're looking to save a little and still get a great piece for display.

The Shipping

These are sent from the UK and will be dispatched in small sturdy box.

Tracked shipping options are available.

Party All Night - Woodcut

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